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Forever free or contribute to support the platform and indie projects.

Money raised after direct costs is planned go towards supporting community members (see below for thoughts).

Sharing the love
A free and easy way to share the projects you love in public.
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  • Lots of good karma
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Be featured & contribute to the community fund.
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Be a community hero and support a number of other creators.
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Pick what you use

simply select the indie projects you use from the database of existing projects, or propose a project to be added. Optionally specify if you're paying for them or not

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Showcase what you are building

Show the world what you are building. Add your project to the database and show it on your profile.

Customer profile user interface

Supporting the community (and us)

The plan is that any money collected by subscriptions on this platform, after monthly costs, will go towards building a pot of money to pay for services (indie preferably!) to help get other community members of the ground.

About us

The plan: a community support fund

By subscribing the monthly payment you will be contributing toward building up a fund to pay for services for other indie hackers and creators.

In other words, each month the cost of running the platform will be taken away (infrastructure, bandwidth and so on) and anything left over will be put into a pot to spend.

The details of this still need to be worked out, for example:

  • 💰 what should be the limits for an acceptable contribution to a community member?
  • 🙋‍♀️ how will we choose who receives contributions?
  • ❓ will the receiver be able to choose what they spend the contribution on?
  • 🏦 how to make it work from a tax point of view?

has.so: find what you need

has.so will let you search by what you want to do and surface indie projects that let you do just that.

has.so will be a sister project, based on the same database of projects as using.so.